Student Data Notebooks



The use of student data notebooks has changed my classroom. My students can articulate what they have learned, what they need to learn and set goals and strategies to achieve. We no longer focus on what you "haven't learned", it is evidence that you are learning . Celebrations abound and no child is left behind, they are just in different places.

It may seem daunting to implement, but as with anything new, begin slowly. I began with spelling, math facts, and our AR program. Remember don't collect data if it is not meaningful.

Good luck and do not give up!!



I create my data notebooks from small 1 inch binders. The content varies year to year. It is not a place to simply store tests and the like. I have a section to graph math timed tests, spelling and sight words, AR progress and STAR test scores.
Introduction powerpoint
This was designed for a particular school.
Graphs for Renaissance products AR, STAR assessments

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We also graph class information

These are some great sites that have much better templates than I do..